Linkpot is a tool which provides you complete freedom to redirect your followers anywhere from your post. As we all know Instagram doesn’t let us put a separate link in each post, so LINKPOT is the solution to that problem. Now by using this product you can have a separate link with each post.

With LINKPOT you can easily land your users anywhere like Amazon, Shopify, youtube, your website, and blog etc.

You can create only one pot. But if you want to create multiple pots in a single account (in the case you have multiple Instagram accounts) then that feature will be available in our upcoming pro plan.

You can add up to 500 links in a pot, although we can increase the limit on request.

You can simply delete that link and create a new link, although you can not use the same code again.

You can email us at support@linkpot.io with your registered email address. We will help you out.

We have the option of sticky links for this purpose. You can set all the important links like your website, social media accounts and blogs etc in the sticky links. Users don’t need to type any code to reach there, they just need to click/tap and they will be redirected.

You can not edit the sticky links, but you can delete them and then recreate a link.

Yes, by simply clicking and dragging the crosshair cursor icon.

You don’t have to pay anything for the features available currently, so you can use it for free in its present form. We are building some cool features under the pro plans which we will launch soon. Although the current features will be free.

If you want to add some google analytics, UTM parameters or an affiliate id in the query string of each link, you just need to set it once in settings and this will be appended in each link. You can follow google campaign url builder tool for help.


This feature is a part of our upcoming pro plan if you want to try it out while in beta, contact us at support@linkpot.io

You can check the separate analytics for each post, here you will get the information regarding the total number of clicks, locations, devices etc.